Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 1 from Ottawa to Orangeville

We left Ottawa today to begin our two day journey down to the Kentucky Horse Park and the North American Young Rider Championships!!
I have such a wonderful team headed down with me that im feeling pretty blessed, my coach Lorraine Laframboise, my hero and groom Camille Bonneau, my best friend and supporter Celeste Fortier, and of course my amazing dad Peter Becke.

SO MANY PEOPLE have helped me to reach my goal of qualifying and heading down to young riders that i cant possibly list enough of them... All the people at Venturing Hills have encouraged, and supported me every step of the way without fail! they also keep me grounded and and motivated to do my very best.

Lorraine has been my coach for six years now and been there every step of the way, from my first pre-entry right up to my first CCI1* and Intermediate, i owe it all to her. The 5 am lessons, the pep talks, and the every day little things... I know i wouldnt be here today were it not for her.

I couldn't have come close to reaching my personal health and fitness goals without the tireless efforts of Stuart Maskell and Samantha Warskett!! you guys made me cry and suffer more than i could have thought possible, and for that i love you both :)

The person who has pushed me the hardest, supported me the most, made me strive for better every step of the way, and the person i absolutely have to thank the most is my mom Deborah Bradley. While she wont be down to watch NAYRC she hasn't missed a single ride, lesson, or show leading up to it. As she said to me this morning "it was the journey, watching you grow and change that really counts, this competition is just a moment and whatever happens, you have everything to be proud of!"

Merry came off the trailer today feeling VERY excited to get some green grass, and see all his buddies from Aiken at Momo Laframboise's barn!
Onto kentucky tomorrow and what i'm sure will be a great week, whatever happens in the competition!

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