Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Sad to leave this place, what a wonderful, beautiful farm at 5 am

Merry didn't seem to fond at the idea of leaving either

Myself and my Alberta team mate Rebecca at the opening ceremonies!

Clipping Merry's neck, he clearly had no interest in helping hold up his head which, let me tell you is VERY HEAVY


rocked out some line dancing with the cowboys at the competitors party tonight!

Dressage school this morning, he was FABULOUS


got an early start to the day at 4:30 am for an early morning ride! He felt recovered, strong, and supple which leaves me feeling very confident and excited! 

We finished merry's clipping job today and he looks absolutely stunning, his dapples are brighter and more vivid than ever. However i'm pretty sure he broke both my arms trying to hold his head up, and Cammy will be washing hair off her body and clothes for the next month but the important thing is WE DID IT. the Vet for the in barn inspections and her entire crew commented on what a stunning and memorable looking horse he was :) Said he was one of the most dappled horse they had ever seen in fact.

We amped up the golf cart decorations today, as we felt a bit slack next to some absolutely stunning designs and i think we did a great job with a team effort. CANADA EH! Moira Laframboise and the eventing one star team won the team for bet decorated golf cart by a mileeeee! they created a canoe around the 6 person golf cart, with canoe paddles attached and canada flags on the roof, VERY impressive. Will post a pic tomorrow. 

The opening ceremonies were lovely, it was a bit depressing to enter the ring alone as one of only 2 individual riders, everyone else has a minimum of 3 riders on their teams, but c'est la vie!

The competitors party this evening had to be one of the most fun nights i've had in a very very long time!! We went to Walmart this afternoon and the entire ontario team with grooms, myself, Camille, and Celeste all bought the biggest water guns we could find, and had a massive water fight with the mexican team! we also ambushed every golf cart that passed by on the way to the party, and pretty much everyone at the party that didn't look like an official or somebody important! I was soaked from my hat to my shoes, and had such a blast, successfully jumped a fence (in preperation for cross country of course) in a heroic effort to chase down the Mexican team, and Celeste was close behind! 

ALSO set the record for longest on the mechanical bull! in fact i never fell, because i was holding on so tight for so long eventually the bull broke! So far a broken door handle, and a broken bull, IM FEELING GOOD :). 

Early morning ride tomorrow, have the official jog up to really start things off tomorrow at 4, and my university course registration at 1. Gonna be a good day. 

OH and we got our polos and shirts from the FEQ today, thank you so much to the members and co-ordinaters who made this possible. 

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