Sunday, 14 July 2013

Evening of Day 3, A Wonderful Day.

What an interesting day indeed!!!
The king himself enjoyed being spoiled all day from lush green paddocks, to a full body thumper massage, an hour long grooming session, and lots and lots of electrolytes to rehydrate!
The vet that came out to give him the A OK and check him out after his long trip just expanded his ego tenfold, said he was absolutely magnificent and "the horse of a lifetime" and i really couldn't agree more <3 . She was very very impressed with how he looked after such a long trailer ride, anddd FOR ALL THOSE OUT THERE WHO THINKS HES SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT she was EXTREMELY impressed with his fitness thank you veryy much! :)
We took a tour around the Kentucky Horse Park to show Camille and Celeste around and saw all the Canadian set up going up for us at NAYRC and it looks pretty amazing I cant wait to move in on tuesday morning!!!!!
By some feat of brute strength that came over me today i successfully pulled the drivers side door handle right off the door on our poor truck.... my bad.... daddy was none to pleased by that one. I blame my parents for this, not me, since it was clearly they're fault for raising me to be a strong independent 21st century woman... following the door incident i proceeded to walk out of our lunch restaurant still clutching my delicious glass of iced water, and boy did i get some strange looks from the waiters as i left until out in the parking lot i realized what i had done.
To end our lovely day of R&R we went to a fundraiser known as "Battle In The Saddle" at the Kentucky Horse Park where teams of well known equestrian members competed in a "penning" competition. a herd of cattle are let loose into the arena and there are three with the same #, they need to find those three cows, separate them and herd them into the pen in the fastest time.  Famous Eventing star Buck Davidson was there and did an excellent job of playing the cowboy! It made me want to throw on a cowboy hat and boots and go to young riders for Reining instead of Eventing.... almost...
Off to bed now for an early morning ride tomorrow! counting down the days now!! dressage on thursday!

Location:Sunny south in Kentucky

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