Thursday, 18 July 2013


Worlds best groom Camille Bonneau

Pre - Dressage beauty shot

BEAUTIFUL sunset from last night

i would just like everyone to admire Merry's lovely facial expression here, its a winner

proud of him after a good dressage on a hot day

Jog up from yesterday!

Group photo for Dasha ( in the sombrero) birthday

Hey everyone, a short post tonight because it is so late and i am just exhausted. 

Had a pretty great day out there today, i am currently sitting 10 points behind the winner after dressage, which considering how hard the cross country looks out there is not a lot. Everyone is packed tight together so at this point anything could happen. Only show jumping, cross country, and time will tell!! It ain't over till its over as they say. 

I was happy with my dressage test, Merry was quite a good boy, except despite the layers of bug spray he still was slightly unsettled in the free walk with his head convinced the bugs were going to kill him. I got into the ring and just smiled because i couldn't believe we had actually made it and i am so proud of how flowing and smooth our test was. 

I continue to be disappointed with everyone who made it impossible for Moira Laframboise of Ontario, Rebecca of Alberta, and Myself to be on a team for Canada. Those who made this an impossibility should be ashamed of themselves. As a team we would be sitting in third, just one point shy of second place after dressage. How very disgusting that Canada couldn't get it together to give us a chance at a team gold medal that Canada hasn't won in over 30 years!! 

Day off tomorrow to walk the cross country, reboot the engines, and prepare for the serious stuff on Saturday of the cross country. 

Goodnight fellow Canadians! 

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