Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 9. Final phase and post!

Daddy and I after Merry passed the jog ^_^

The arena and our course. The first time in the rolex ring, but certainly not going to be our last!!!!

Merry and I watching our final competitors complete their  show jumping

So happy, so proud.

Merry was very proud after his double clear stadium 

8th place finish, second placed canadian, and award for fittest horse!

no words to describe how happy i am with our 8th place finish! 

LONGGGGG car ride home

WE MADE IT HOME!!! at 7:00 am monday after leaving Kentucky at 3:00 pm sunday

Home and unpacking... the fun part!

Best groom awards go to Camille and Celeste

Just before the jog up

The end of my course walk


Course walk for the Final phase

5:30 am sunday morning ride before the jog up at 7:30


Merry and I finished on our dressage score, which was a 57.4! Double clear in xc, and double clear in stadium i am in utter shock and disbelief i am so happy. 

Going into this competition my goal was for top ten, but after an average dressage score, and being 21st i didn't think that would every happen. Merry and I stayed resolved and successfully had our best xc ever, moving into 13th place, and then yesterday we were completely in sync for our stadium and despite us both being a bit stiff and tired from the day before we pulled out a spectacular clear round moving us in to finish at 8th place!!!!!!!! 

we were the 2nd ranked Canadian (april young came 3rd)!! and something i am almost even more proud of is that Merry won the award for fittest horse! Every single vet on the property voted for him when deciding who the award went to!! Considering Merry's more chunky Irish Sport Horse build compared to all the off the track thoroughbred's that were here i consider this a true demonstration of all the hard work that Lorraine, Momo, Myself, and Merry did to get fit. All those 3 am gallop sets in the Gatineau hills were worth it! 

When i finished that stadium round, and crossed through the finish flags, i don't think i have ever been more happy... i took him for a victory gallop around a few fences and had every single canadian on the property screaming and shouting for me waving a Canadian flag! It was a moment i know i will remember forever, i couldn't help but start crying.

Being in the giant rolex stadium, with my name on the big screen saying double clear, has only hardened my resolve to make sure i return to that stadium, and this time were going for the podium. 

I have to say i owe a world of debt to Lorraine Laframboise, Camille Bonneau, Celeste Fortier, Haley Laframboise, Momo Laframboise, Jessica Phoenix, Rebecca David, and my dad Peter Becke for making this the most memorable week of my life i have had so far. Each and every one of you are what made this so special and fun for me, thank you thank you THANK YOU. 

As all of you know the one who is there every single time i ride, whatever ungodly hour it is, no matter how hot, cold, or buggy is my Mom. Her unwavering support, and competitive drive have helped me to push and strive for better every time. I am certain that without her i would not be the person I am today, and i Love who i am. While she couldn't be there this weekend for the grand finale, she never missed a single step before that. and as she said before i left "this competition is just the icing on the cake, everything before that is what gives it substance and meaning. whatever happens, happens just live in the moment and have fun" (we all secretly know she meant be as competitive as possible but yah know)

As we crossed the finish line

We got home at the ungodly hour of 7:00 am this morning after leaving kentucky at 3:00 pm sunday afternoon and driving 17 hours straight through the night. needless to say i'm heading to bed now, but its not the time for rest. I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for International Bromont where Grace and I will be attempting our very first 1.30m Jumper class on friday! 

1.15m on wednesday, 1.25m on thursday, and 1.30 on friday! the 1.30m classic on sunday! 

keep those fingers crossed everybody!

THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR READING AND SUPPORTING ME FROM FAR AND WIDE! i had over 1500 views on my blog and that is just incredible. 

ALL MY LOVE, and merry sends a big kiss with those adorable moose lips. 

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