Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 6 Jog up and Dressage School.... BLOODY HOT.

Morning ride on the moose man!

Morning ride was absolutely super ^_^

Right before the jog :)

Afternoon rinse off



so dappled :) we passed the jog

team ontario's amazing golf cart!!! 

I HAVE GREAT NEWS.... i am pretty certain i lost 10 pounds today just from all the sweating... i think that was the hottest day i have ever known. At 5 am it was 35 degrees and it only got hotter from there. I am definitely suffering from some heat stroke with dehydration and a nice booming headache. 

Merry had an incredible dressage school this morning and afternoon going his best ever, i am actually pretty excited for the Dressage tomorrow because of that. I go around 9:50 so everyone please cross your fingers for me! i am SO MAD but due to the heat tails and top hats have been banned so i will be doing my CCI* in a show shirt or polo...  how lame and tragic is that... so upset. 

Moira Laframboise from Ontario, myself from Quebec, and Rebecca from Alberta will be the only individuals competing without a team tomorrow so we plan on doing extra well to beat out all the teams :). 

Merry looked magnificent at the jog today with the sun glaring down on his beautiful dapples, and he passed instantly with flying colours thank goodness! its a very nerve wracking experience to stand before the ground jury and know they could end your competition right then and there with a shake of their heads. 

I got a sponsorship for free belts from a new company called C4 equestrian belts! a 100% recyclable belt made to measure. A pretty neat concept, i was honoured to even be asked! The belt i have in the pictures is the belt he gave me, blue for Quebec. 

On top of everything else i had university course registration today at 1:00 pm so in between riding, jogging, course walking, and everything else i had to pick my university courses for the next year... and  oh boy, put it this way, nothing they give me on cross country could possibly compare to the stress i experienced choosing those courses... give me a xc any day please. 

Pretty excited to have friday to just sleep and reboot for the next 2 days, the heat is really taking it out of us all. 

There have been over 50 people reading this blog every day, and i just wanted to say thank you to everybody for your continued support and interest!!!! It really means a lot to me, and the team down here. I couldn't be where i am right now without the constant encouragement from all of you



  1. Hey Rae,

    It is very nice to read yo blog everyday, your stories are a true source of entertainment. We shared the heat today finishing to store all the hay from the field before the storms, man was it ever hot.
    Merry`s dapple looks gorgeous, good job on the clipping and preparation for the jog.
    We will be thinking about your dressage tomorrow morning...smoke them all Rae, no mercy :)


  2. Go Rae! We are all cheering for you! Congrats on your new sponsorship!

  3. It's crazy how much you've changed in the last few years I've known you :) you are an inspiration to us all Rae!