Friday, 19 July 2013


nooooooo big deal..... rolex jump... officially never going 4*

Haley Laframboise finishing the most beautiful CCI** test in the big rolex ring!

WIDE BRUSH on my course, fence #7, note Camille directly behind the jump and barely visible...

Two star jump, corn on the cob anybody?

Merry lovesss his thumper (massage machine), big shout out to Emily Marshall for letting me borrow it. 

Nice big wide table on my course

OFFICIALLY WALKED 12km (my course is 4040 metres long) in boiling heat today, feeling pretty darn good about my fitness and weight levels at this point. with all the water weight in my body gone i look fantastic. only problem is i'm dying of dehydration. Nahh i'm trying my hardest to stay hydrated and fueled but in this heat its proving very difficult for both myself and my horse. 

Got my beautiful custom made saddle pad from Bruno Delgrange today for cross-country, navy blue, and black with a quebec flag on it, and in the no slip eco gold material for best breathability on cross country. Merry is going out there is style tomorrow!! 

The course out there looks tough, really tough but AMAZINGGG i am so so so so sooooo excited for tomorrow to have fun and rock that course. The course is twisty, the time will be tough, and the jumps are hard. good news is next to the rolex 4* jumps my jumps cant look as scary! yay! 
Camille's final words at the end of the course were "i'll pray for you..." hehehe im so happy to have such confidence boosting friends! 

My girls have been absolutely amazing this whole week, but today especially getting everything organized for tomorrow, and taking care of the Merrster so well i couldn't have asked for better friends and helpers. 

Had a great press conference and interview, i will share the link with you all tomorrow when its posted.  QU-AL-ON had a wonderful chance to discuss our lost opportunity at a team, and despite not being an official team, we help eachother and work together as if we were and honestly i think thats the most important part. 

Canada as a whole is doing super here at NAYRC, Quebec won the team dressage, won the reining championships and came second in the reining championships, and i believe (could be wrong) won the endurance today as well. 

THE COURSE IS LONG... optimum time is 7:47 longest course ive ever done, with the distance of 4040 metres, averaging at a speed of 520 metres per minute. We have a great team canada cool down station all set up at the end of the course! With such high temperatures a course this long can be extremely dangerous for both horse and rider so its EXTREMELY important to cool them down ASAP. 

Cross country, im ready for you. here we come. 
Tyne Be Merry is on the loose and ready to go!

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